Laboratories and creative seminars

During the laboratory work each student opens his creative part even if sometimes believes that doesn’t have it, brings his ideas, the music he loves, his own movements, develops a character or a theme to work on leaping forward individually and collectively. Studies, opens new paths.

During the creative seminars the work is more on a particular music or theatre genre, on a concrete theme, having the goal of making a play.

In both cases the parent idea is that folklore is the essential part of our culture that trancends us in its daily acts, and understanding that the tango is also a part of folklore of the city.

Created by Norma and Ernesto clinics, laboratories and creative seminars, among others formats introduced in Bohemia, were born in 1986 exclusively for this school.

Many of the participants of laboratories and creatives seminars after it started their creer as dance and acting professionals.

If you wish to participate in a laboratory or creative seminar, please contact us, we’ll send you all the necessary information!