“I don’t teach movements, I teach how to dance!

Bring us your body and together we’ll take the best dancer out of it, even if you don’t know he exists!”

Bohemia — is the first tango school in Buenos Aires. There have been almost 30 years since this space of liberty and learning, surprises and investigation of the honest, profound and unique dance was created.

The Method

The method of teaching is proper and was created by Norma and Ernesto. It is based on four fundamental pillars:

1. The correct position of the body and equilibrium (to know and feel better the natural position of one’s body and to be able later play with non-natural balances)
2. Communication of the couple
3. Develop of one’s proper creativity and expression of the emotional
4. Personal use of music

This is an active method that continues its evolution adapting to the needs of every person came to learn. The goal is to help everyone to develop a dancer he has inside.
And from all the experience of this school it is well-known that does not exist a person who can not dance.


Groups Group lessons give you an ideal start and a rhythm in the learning process… Bring us your body and we’ll help you to take out the dancer you have inside! Without schemes, stereotypes, prejudices… Because there is no body that cannot dance! We saw that clearly during these 30 years. There is absolutely no…
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Private Private clases are meant ro work individually or with a couple on their specific questions profoundly and concretely. The private class lasts 1 hour and can be arranged at your convenience. If you wish to arrange a class for you or your couple, please contact us, we’ll send you all the necessary information!

Laboratorios y seminarios creativos

Laboratories and creative seminars During the laboratory work each student opens his creative part even if sometimes believes that doesn’t have it, brings his ideas, the music he loves, his own movements, develops a character or a theme to work on leaping forward individually and collectively. Studies, opens new paths. During the creative seminars the…
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Clinics The clinics were created to work intensively and profoundly the potentials and the problems of each and every one of the students. Shall it be with his body, his movement or his musicality. Thought out by Norma and Ernesto the clinics, among others formats introduced in Bohemia, were born in and exclusively for the…
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Norma Gomez Tomasi

Professor, co-founder of the school “Bohemia, Rincón de Arte”, creator of a proper method of teaching Tango and Folklore, profesional dancer internationally known, choreographer of dance performances, director of theatre plays and musicals with artists of different disciplines in Europa, USA and Latin America.

«We are working always to find something new with everyone who come to us, bringing back life, giving space to the child we have inside, finding our own mode to dance, our soul, surprising ourselves every day».

Norma Gomez Tomasi

Her entire biografy

Ernesto Carmona

Professor, co-founder of the school “Bohemia, Rincón de Arte”, creator of a proper method of teaching Tango and Folklore, profesional dancer internationally known, choreographer of dance performances and plays in Europa, USA and Latin America.

«Each and every body has its intelligence and its time. Many schools are trying to put the dance into the body and are not trying to take out what one can do. They are telling you what to do, and doing so they put the limit. In Bohemia we are looking inside for what is hidden and sometimes we don’t know we have it. And so we all learn something new. And the body surprises itself dancing its own unique dance».

Ernesto Carmona

His entire biografy



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40 meters from Avenida Entre Ríos
200 meters from Congreso Nacional

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Bohemia, Corner of Art

Integral School of Argentinian Dance


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